Winged Coronets

by | May 10, 2015 | Poetry | 0 comments

Midst iridescent hue of coal black wings
Their oily feathers clipped (whilst hid from sight)
Twud seem a tad extreme, in cause of Kings
Whose realm may fall (should they perchance take flight)
Imagining ‘Beelzebub’ at play
Satanic beaks point out from watchful eyes
Comedic ‘hops’ presenting ‘bird ballet’
Doth fool the crowd as “Devils in disguise”
Yet carriers of shroud they do remain
When numbered ‘Six’ formation is engaged
Advancing forth will see out Sovereign’s reign
Their stated aim, to never be upstaged
As ‘Raven Master’ feeds their daily treat
Tis ‘Biscuits soaked in Blood’ they rush to greet


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