Withering Passion (Repost)

by | Jun 24, 2013 | Poetry | 0 comments

Her wan complexion cloak’d ‘neath veil o’er face
Unfeigned attempt to hide what pains the heart
Retreat from life now gathering apace
Corporeal existence nigh depart
Ensnaring web of loneliness hath wrought
An unfulfilling life yet deemed to last
Blithe spirits welcome, now from distance sought
A dish no longer served up as repast
Borne carriage bends to stoop as years pass by
From legacy of sadness, hurt and time
Yon youthful frame hath ceded with a sigh
Such love had she to give, ‘tis naught but crime
Pained hue once textured shade of damask rose
Now pallid in its longing final throes


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