Without Choice

by | May 26, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

When is daddy coming home
Tis war my boy, I don’t know
Our country not at war why he away
Others make that choice its not for me to say

He has been gone along time
Yes the days are fading fast
Why is there a war
Because people want control

What kind of control
some people want to tell us how to live
But this is our home, we can stop them
But they may have bigger guns than us

Would they shoot us and take our home,
thats why Daddy has gone overseas to protect us,
But mayb he gets killed, who will help us then
If the men and women don’t go to fight our
chances of survival are not good.

Can I go and fight, I am very strong
No my son you are the next generation,
you must be around so the people of tomorrow are safe,


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