Wives of War

by | Apr 21, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

The sleepless nights the screams of pain, the trauma from war drive me insane
Fallen soldiers names I know of by heart, the contestant fighting is ripping me apart
Hearing the orders that got a man killed, I try so hard but am turning to pills
An argument erupts and punch is thrown, the man that’s home, is so unknown
Once happy children, try to hide their fears, often at night they sleep with tears
The man that left did not come home, the battlefield is where he’ll continue to roam
His body is home his mind is away, to get them back together, in war he must stay
Am a widow of a soldier that did not come back, his body is here but his mind it lacks
The man I love is K.I.A. no matter what help he gets it will remain that way
He agrees for an appointment for the doctor to see, as he calims he still loves me
I’m not a soldier of horrific scenes I saw, am the wife at home that struggles with war


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