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I nothing know of death and war

Or what took place in days of yore

Not how the universe was made

And what made Genghis Khan invade

Or why the Earth goes round the sun

Or why the rain makes me so glum

I only know that Fate’s been kind

And given me a fertile mind

So I can picture many things

The lives of peasants and their Kings

I do not want my heart to break

To yearn, to long, to fret or ache

I let my thoughts fly where they will

Across the oceans, vale or hill

And that excites my every bone

Takes me far away from home

Sets my mind to picture things

See places that each new day brings

And from these thoughts, imaginings

Is where a poem then begins

No, travel doesn’t have to be

The way to nurture imagery

It’s in the mind where wonder starts

Form words that warm the coldest hearts

A better place no man could find

Than wonders that lie in the mind


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