Woodland walk

by | Oct 5, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

A hike in the forest
On an Autumn Morn
It’s an early start
As a new day is born
Everywhere damp
With the dew of the night
The air Oh! so crisp
What a glorious sight
Row upon row of trunks so erect
Climbing up to the sky
And most of the foliage nearer the top
Into which early birds fly
The ground is littered with twigs and bark
Listen to the songs of the Linnet and the Lark
Trudging through a carpet of moss and grass
Rabbits scurry to their burrows
As slowly we pass
Looking upwards and what do we see
What is beyond the furthermost tree
Brown & Green, Gold & Blue
Intermingled making a colourful hue
The Sun is trying it’s hardest
To penetrate this vast wooded hollow
Giving hope to the hikers
As the well worn signs they follow
By those who have trodden this woodland path
To enjoy the pleasures of a casual walk
As they amble along so aimlessly
Interested in casual talk
About how to spend many happy hours
On their leisurely weekends
With an open ear and open eye
And meet some of Mother Nature’s friends


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