Wootton Bassett

by | Feb 3, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Early morning, streets are still
Daylight beckons through winter chill
Early starters all bustling by
A freezing day, a winter’s sky

Shops are open, the street lights out
The street is busy, people about
Sense of purpose, today’s the day
Another cortege will pass this way

With faces familiar and new ones too
Crowds will gather to stand and view
Another orderly gathering takes its place
The crowd grows bigger, all inwards face

Ti me draws near, the church bell sounds
When fallen heroes will pass this ground
Draped in Union, they look the same
The pride of Britain, a crying shame

The families sorrow cascades the crowd
Flowers placed as a loving shroud
Flags are lowered and heads are down
Condolence given by a respecting Town

The heroes pass by down this road
These cars that carry a precious load
Tears of sorrow, loss and pride
This sadness has no place to hide

Sky gets darker, street light on
Streets grow quieter, crowds are gone
People head home in pouring rain
Until too soon when we’ll gather again


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