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Over the last few years, your people have been top-class,
Your sympathy has been priceless, as our fallen heroes pass.
The respect that you have shown, to their families and friends,
Has been more than was expected, your love has shown no end.
So many times your townsfolk turned out to line the way,
Showing your true feelings to strangers, each sad day,
They were your unknown warriors, whose lives you never knew,
But on their final journey, you did what you felt you had to do.

Your silent guard of honour to every passing hearse,
Is no different for the last one, as for the very first.
Some days your people come and stand as one lone car drives by,
But there are very many days when four, five or six are nigh.
We even see old soldiers, who’ve served in years gone by,
Still ready to salute these men, who have sadly passed away.
Many of them, those years gone by, know what these lads went through,
So they stand in honourable silence, as they could have been there to.

To very many people this is a futile, pointless war,
And there seems no explanation as to what they’re fighting for,
Families all over the country, proudly watch their loved ones leave,
They’re leaving for a country, in which they cannot believe.
But when these trusty warriors, pay the ultimate sacrifice,
How warming for the families, your town acknowledges that price,
At the time of their darkest hour, they know they are not alone,
What a comfort it must be for them to see the love you’ve shown.

Well now I feel the time has come for reward to visit your town,
And that reward should be expressed by the receiving of a Crown
Berkshire is a Royal county, by virtue of the residing Queen,
Let’s have Royal Wootton Bassett, for the wondrous town it’s been.


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