Words I Wanted to Say

by | Oct 2, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

It’s nearly time to say goodbye
Will it be forever?
My heart is breaking more each day.
Why can’t we go together?

I love you, I love you
I want to say.
Don’t leave us yet
Just one more day.

There are so many words I’ve yet to say
But I can’t catch my breath.
The dread of being without you here,
What will I have left?

I want to say I love you
More than words can say
I want to say I need you
Please don’t go away.

You may be a soldier
But I am your wife
I’m praying that the Taliban
Don’t take your life.

I know that you are scared
But would never admit it
I know that you feel the same as I
But this life you have to live it.

In one way you’re excited
About what lays ahead
A new adventure far away.
But it still fills you with dread.

Now your gone we’re all alone
Just sitting by the phone
There’s a loss I feel inside me
Just waiting for the ring

I need to know your safe my love
I need to know you live
I know you signed the doted line
But your life’s not yours to give.

Every day I worry
when the door bell rings
Will it be the padre?
What news will he bring?

Your son is still counting
The days until you come home
How many sleeps?
When will he phone?

He wants to play with his daddy
His mummy will not do
He doesn’t know the Taliban
Or what it is they do

Well it’s nearly time to go to bed
And dream that you are here
Lying by the side of me
with nothing to fear.

I’ll pray before I go to sleep
That tomorrow I’ll feel better
That you are safe and will stay that way
So you can read this letter.


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