Words on a Tombstone in Arnhem

by | Aug 30, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

“His life a beautiful memory His death a silent grief.”

Walking around a war cemetery one day
My eyes caught some words etched on a stone
Two lines, that’s all they were: so full of grief!
Those words said so much – so beautiful beyond belief

A life cut down before his time
Harsh punishment, but he committed no crime
Now he lies here, long dead
Sleeping with a stone at his head.

As I walked I pondered on his life
What was he like, did he have a family and wife
Was he fearful, or elated as the battle
commenced, oh I hope he didn’t know
He was outnumbered.
It was too hectic for that
No time for feelings before entering the fray
But like so many, caught in a trap and
The flower cut.

Those words, written years ago
In that Dutch cemetery are written in my soul
And the war still goes on
Forever, with no end
Only his family’s dried bitter tears
Remember he is here.

So often I get tired looks
Why do I read history books?
Don’t they know past has a strong emotional sway
What happened then affects us today

So think of the soldier sleeping.
His memory is still alive.
Like a warning for the future.


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