World of tragedy

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Poetry | 0 comments

My heart is weary from the grieving it has done
For the sacrifices by our living and of our dead who have gone
There seems to be no end to this death and misery
What on earth can we mortal do to stop this tragedy

The search for justice and trust in God, are the words that we all knew
But even they has been stolen by the extreme murdering few
Our fight for peace comes with a great human cost
So many good comrades have fought the fight and many have been lost

Today the dawn of peace remains elusive and far from clear
Many people are still in mortal danger living in total fear
The foul winds of war continue to blow right across this globe
Trusting in Gods ideals and human justice we still struggle to cope

Let us pray for peace and conciliation across this World of ours
Its people need it urgently as the death toll rises by the hour
The religious divide must be reconciled and forever swept aside
God cares for everyone with understanding, equality and pride


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