World of wealth

by | Apr 23, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Prosperity is close! Much closer than you think
You’ll find what you are seeking, at the very brink
So take the first big step, towards your very goal
Answering those questions, hidden in your soul.

Your mind is most inquisitive, so do not let it rest!
For answers that ring true to you, are of the best
And action now dear friend, would be my best advice
For fortune will be yours, not once, but even twice.

Prosperity is close! Much closer than you think,
Believe in just yourself, don’t let your spirits sink
Buy that LOTTO ticket, and keep it near your heart
For YOUR world of wealth, is now just about to start.

When you get your winnings, remember me please do
As a friend I am to you, honest born and true
I will help you take care, of all your bulky cash,
Because I am well known, as Honest-Charlie-Flash.


{Fingers crossed.}


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