Worry not Mother

by | Jun 15, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

Hi Mum now don’t you worry
Cos’ I’m not home with you
For you’re a busy Woman
And there’s lots of things for you to do
I knew that when I joined the Army
My former life would change
And giving up Civilian life
At first was rather strange
But all the things you taught me
As I grew up through life
Both Dad as the head of the household
And you the loving Mother and wife
You’ve still got the girls to look after
And I’m never far away
No matter what I’m doing
You’re in my thought each day
Though I know that things have been a bit hard
For me in the last few weeks
Bur perhaps that’s really how life is
It has it’s “lows” and has it’s “peaks”
But I’ll do the job that I signed to do
I know that I’ll make you proud
As I strive to eventually achieve my goal
Then I can hold my head high in a crowd
But I know it will take some time and thought
And results will not come in a hurry
So here’s a big hug and a kiss from me
And Mum whatever you do don’t worry.


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