Yesterday’s Menu Today

by | May 15, 2015 | Poetry | 0 comments

“Twere four” she said, expressing train of thought
As I whilst reading ‘Special’ licked my lips
“Had ordered more, tho none as yet have brought”
(By way of explanation; midst her quips)
Upon the board, there mark’d for all to see
Twas ‘Liver of the Lambs’ (to grace one’s plate)
With cream’d potatoes, veg’ (enough for three)
Tho sadly was informed “Tis day too late”
“Why then display your wares to hungry folk”
(I chanced to ask) “When not supplied as writ”
(Couldst be some cunning plan, perhaps a joke?)
For sure twud pass as comedy thru script
The look upon her face was far from fazed
“They promised us more lambs when fully grazed”


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