Yesterdays News

by | May 2, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Once our deaths were front page news
Now our deaths are out of view
Shadowed by celebrity and credit crunch fears
Our commitment remembered in future years?
Ordinary men leading extraordinary lives
Separated by war from family and wives
Working alone in barren lands
In small rural villages and hot dessert sands
Mortars and snipers a daily threat
From an enemy new that we’ve rarely met
Professional and proud, we stand side-by-side
Driven by service and sense of pride
Once our deaths were front page news
Our lives given freely despite your views
Shadowed by yours and others fears
Will you remember us in future years?
What we achieved despite all the hype
What we fought for with all our might
Will you speak proudly of what we’ve achieved?
For democracy; for freedom; and a foreign need?
Will you talk of our efforts with pride?
Will you pay homage at our grave sides?
Will you speak proudly to all of our sons?
Will you write honourably of what we’ve done?
Once our deaths were front page news
On this foreign war what are your views?
Are we only yesterdays news?


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