Yesterday’s Soldier reborn

by | Jan 17, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Yesterday a Soldier
Today I’m cast aside
I used to be a Warrior
Now I just want to hide

I drove around on four-wheels
‘ Gung-ho ‘, without a care
I used to wear a uniform
But now I wear a chair

I curse that day out on patrol
A land-mine lay in wait
Hidden in the desert track
I wish I’d got there late

The flash came first, and then the bang
Then instant searing pain
My legs no longer with me
I’d never walk again

I miss the sport and comradeship
The B.F.T’s and such
My life had changed with one bleak day
I don’t get out now much

My friends they used to visit
But as the months went past
They spoke a different language
Of one hurt by the blast

They tired of hearing ‘ Grumpy ‘
Being sorry for myself
My Wife she’s even left me
Just pictures on the shelf

There must be someone out there
To help the lads like me
Who sacrificed their life and limbs
To fight the enemy

So come on all you people
Show me there’s some hope
I know support is out there
To teach me how to cope

I’d heard of ‘ Forces Poetry ‘
I may give them a try
Set up by some ex-forces
To help us desperate guys

In fact I’ll ‘ Log-on ‘ later
To see what they can do
To help me through this nightmare
To help my thoughts unglue

Maybe I’ll find some comrades
To talk to and to chat
Remember our old Army days
And stories of combat

Abandoned Soldiers just like me
Together we will band
And helped by ‘ Forces Poetry ‘
United we will stand !


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