Yet Now No Longer Spring

by | Mar 1, 2016 | Poetry | 0 comments

Of one whose lips (so soft) I’d dared to part
Who touch’d my life in ways beyond express’
Is now both held in dreams and in my heart
Doth fill the void existing to excess
Tho dark the nights of Winter (loss may bring)
I lightly turn to days once ushered in
Midst thoughts of love (yet now no longer Spring)
Tis freshness I behold from deep within
No flower blooms that e’er wouldst deem so fair
Nor fragrance which exudes such timeless scent
No winsome ways ‘twixt maidens to compare
As used to then beguile, if not torment
Whilst seasons change in turn presenting face
My fancy takes on form one can’t erase


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