Yorkshire Building Society Gainsborough

by | Mar 20, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I looked across the Market square, as I sat on a bench
To leave my fire side that day, had been a massive wrench
I needed funds withdrawn in time, for a driving course
But opening times on Wednesday fill me with such remorse
Sat on my bench across the square and observing from afar
Appeared I’d been sat to long and forgot where I’d parked the car
Opening time came at last, for the folk outside the door
I crossed the square and came inside the building I adore
I didn’t run, I didn’t dash, Walking slowly as I do
Took my turn with good grace, joined the mounting queue
Asking ISA questions of a lady, who looked so smart and neat?
She smiled and said ‘’I can help you there, be pleased to take a seat’’
She offered me a cup of tea, or coffee even better
I even got an envelope, in which to send my letter
We have a new 55 + account, with a better interest rate
Because you don’t give notice, you always leave it late
I acknowledged this my failing, that’s me just being Lax
As well as losing interest I was also Reducing Tax
We signed the forms and papers my business now was done
A visit to your shop that day had turned out to be quite fun


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