You are what you are

by | Apr 4, 2013 | Poetry | 0 comments

Have you ever sat back and thought
Of who you would like to be
If changes were to be made to your life
With a different identity
‘tis said you are what you are in this world
Perfectly plain to see
But given the chance to alter that
Just who would you like to be
Would you like to have lived in Biblical times
Where Gladiators may have been a big draw
Spectators in an Arena
Witnessing the slaughter and gore
Maybe you’d have sailed with Sir Francis Drake
On The Golden Hind tho it may have seemed weird
Leaving Plymouth with him and his Armada
To singe Philip the King of Spain’s beard
You may of course have preferred a more rural life
Maybe working upon a farm
Or joining the English Aristocracy
In a world of elegance and charm
Perhaps you would have been an Aviator
May have flown with Alcock and Brown
In the first flight across the Atlantic
To the U S of A where they touched down
You might have followed a Military career
With Kitchener and his men to train
To fight in the war to end all wars
But then other wars appeared again
Would you have fancied a life in the Medical world
As a Doctor or Nurse set your sights
Helping the sick, the disabled and less fortunate
On duty on many sleepless nights
You may have fancied a musical life
As a Maestro that brought you fame
Or a vocalist singing the classics in Opera
When the billboards will bear your name
On reflection of all the options
And consideration both near and far
Then return again to that old adage
In this world you are what you are.


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