You are…

by | Sep 5, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

You are better than you believe

And you are still here

Ask yourself that question truthfully

How many reprieves

How many close escapes

It has a purpose

He has a purpose

Take your pick

The Universe cares

For it brought you to this place

That you might be refreshed

Recharged, renewed

But never rejected

For we are all the same

And different

And that is the joy of this place

Someone always knows

What to do

What to say

Where to find help

And give help

Now you are here

You can add to the strength

And magic of this place

Tell your tales in safety

Do not be afraid

For true friends never turn you away

No matter what you’ve done

Love always finds a way

Just keep your eyes open

And wait for the winks from the Universe

For love never rests

Compassion never sleeps

Just sometimes we never see it

Because we’re looking to the horizon

Rather than right in front of us


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