Young and Old Soldiers of War

by | Jan 18, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

On a certain sad but special Sunday only in November
Young and old soldier’s from all walk’s of life and religion’s,
Regardless of weather
Every year up and down Britain gather together
Familys attend special church or community service’s
Or, like myself, watch London Live on Tv
Whilst proudly wearing our red poppy.

For only ‘one minuet’ every November
Traffic and crowd’s come to a standstill, not a sound can be heard.
Except plain’s flying by high up in the sky
As we sadly remember all the young and old soldier’s we’ve all loved and lost
In past and present war’s, injured and killed
For there King Queen and Country
In another place where all our soldier’s were much more than brave
Called ‘HELL”

Red poppy wreathe’s are placed on cenotaph’s up and down Britain
‘The Last Post’ is played
Young and old soldier’s Slowly march past
Our Queen Elizabeth
With much love and pride in there heart’s
Tear’s in my eyes
As you look into the dark clear sky
On this very special but sad Remembrance Sunday in November every year


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