Young Soldier

by | Apr 18, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

Under a hot beautiful blue sky, Derry a City of history and pride, where young soldiers meet a battle cry.
Boys in armour advancing forward, united by a badge of elite.
Missiles, stones and petrol bombes are traded for bullets and gas.
What is it this about? I ask.
Just do your Duty son that’s what you’re paid for!
Youth’s beating their drums to the ancient tune of death.
Battle’s need Blood for victory to be understood.
Youth’s united in their streets; fuel their courage with fear and adrenalin.
Young hearts pumping out loud, and united in their rage.
Young solider follow your drill.
It’s all goes quite.
I wonder why I am looking at Derry’s beautiful blue sky.
“Shit I am hit,” I am too young to die, why? (Ray White 2005)


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