Young versus Old in Irwell Road

by | Sep 12, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Down our Little Hulton Irwell Road
… it’s; ‘Young versus Old’.
Us lads don’t want to play with toys,
we want to play football and make a noise.

We play from morning till night;
sometimes under the street light
and sometimes in the garages
for our real ‘championship games’.
but Mrs Harrison tells us to move
and calls us all kind of bad names…
‘I’ll let you know..I don’t approve!
and she even threatens to keep our ball
if it goes over her garden wall.

I sometimes wonder
if these ‘old fogies’ ever played football in the road?
and how can we ever make it,
if we don’t have the chance to fake it?
We want to pretend we’re Bolton, United or City
in fact whoever we ‘wanna be’…
we just want to be free to play football in the road.

Old folks if only you’d come and see
us boys play football in the street
you’d see real talent at every poor lads feet,
you’d see Bolton beat United six three
and players like Shaun, Andy, Kevin and me.

To us there is nothing better than…

playing football in our Irwell Road.
Please don’t stop us because you’re old!


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