Your comrades

by | May 31, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

The bullet that left the scar on my nose, that one saved my life
You stand thinking you are what they teach, you make a widow from a wife
The army teaches very well, you still need to learn another craft
If you don’t learn quickly to look out for yourself, you my friend are bloody daft

There is much that matters in war, luck, wisdom what you are fighting for
If you don’t believe you do any good, you won’t fight well in your war
Learn the politics and understand why, there needs to be a reason to die
Then when you know and believe in your cause, you will fight with faith an ally

Now you are ready to stand with men, they will watch you as you watch them
Belief in each other and what you do, a quicker and sharper soldier and aim
Such you would be all together, wise and honest smart and clear
No confusion just clear intention, go out with your comrades and dole out fear

Just remember the starting line; no man is invincible on his own
Better to have a scar like mine, better than a coffin for going home
Serve your country and your beliefs, your comrades serve the best
They are the ones to bring you home, alive after surviving your quest


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