by | Oct 12, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

I look at you each day and wonder
At how strong you are
Despite what’s happened to you over the years
How you battled through the dark times
And made your life the way you wanted it
Not how others wanted you to be
How you still did what you did despite how you looked
You stood there and said
“No! I will be me no matter what it takes”
And here you are years later
And here am I so proud that you did all those things that others dared not
And have achieved by pure heart what others fear to do
And you had greater barriers than they
And I feel great to have been part of this life of yours
But the best is yet to come
For you can always count on me to still be here
Watching, praising you, and flying your flag up high
And I will still be me you record keeper and all time fan


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