You’ve done a great job mate

by | Jul 23, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Night sky black as ebony
Starlight glistens on the sand
Some peace at last for our soldiers
Out in this war torn land

Camel spiders scuttle
From torch lights shining bright
Back into the darkness
Deep into the night

Underneath this canopy
Soldiers rest a while
Reading letters from loved ones
A chance for them to smile

Others grab some well earned sleep
On their bunks they lay
Thoughts and dreams of happier times
Than the ones they get these days

Some may call their loved ones
Talking on the phone
Those priceless thirty minutes
Brings them comfort from back home

There may soldiers be working
In an eerie fluorescent glow
Wondering what the next day will bring
Or where they’ll have to go

Unless you are a soldier
No one really understands
Just how bad it can be
Out in these far off lands

We do not face the dangers
That our soldiers have to bear
All we can do is pray for them
And let them know we care

So next time you see a soldier
There’s no need to berate
Say “Thank you and we’re proud of you
You’ve done a great job mate!”


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