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What is this thing I talk about?
We use it every day,
Even though we cannot see it
We can still throw it away.

We can’t put it in our pocket,
For others not to see,
We can’t take it out for dinner
Or ask it home for tea.

We can’t burn it to a cinder,
Or freeze it into ice,
In water it will never drown,
We can’t squeeze it in a vice.

We can’t hit it with a hammer
Or hang it on a wall,
We can’t wash it in a bathtub,
Or kick it like a ball.

We can’t throw it in a dustbin
Or make it go away.
It will always last forever,
Forever and a day!

We often try to make it
Yet tools are not required.
If at work we’re found to waste it,
It will probably get us fired.

We try to get is going fast
But it slows of its own accord,
When we try to make it last
All it does is make us bored.

We’re always trying to turn it back
But it only goes one way.
Some people say they’ve cut it
But all they’ve wasted is their day.

We can never stop it running out,
But there’s no tap that’s turned it on.
And it always seems to travel fast,
Just when we’re having fun.

We can measure it in different ways,
But never with a rule,
Anyone who tries to cut it short
Is only but a fool.

Some people try to stretch it
And make it last too long,
But it just keeps moving on and on,
Marching us with the throng.

It always seems to fly so fast
But I’ve never seen it in the sky.
Some people try to make it last
When you’re caught, having told a lie.

We have put it in an instrument,
That tells us what we need to know.
We can even get this thing to bleep!
Too remind us when to go.

We try to travel through it,
Just to see a different day,
But if we mess about with it,
It will surely make us pay.

It always seems to pass us by,
When we’re getting old,
It’s the reason why we all slow down,
Or so, I have been told.

But there is one thing about it,
It decides, who, what, when and for,
Even though everybody hates it,
We all have wished for more.

So don’t you try to change it
Don’t try to make it stop,
For its ‘TIME’ that is so precious,
So don’t waste a single drop.


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