The Brother’s

The two brothers sat opposite each other, there was no love lost between them, even though they were identical twins, they had an intense dislike for each other, well at least John had for Brian. Being the eldest by thirty six minutes, John always thought that Brian...


Why do the French drink so much wine When they eat their dinner, To me my beer, it is just fine, I wonder, is that why they’re thinner?

A Policeman’s Lot

A Policeman’s lot, “is not a happy one,” Gilbert and Sullivan once said. Perhaps it’s because they’ve got big feet And they’re far too over fed.

Bad News

Tonight the world was blown away, Destroyed from under our feet! I tried to watch it on the T.V news But my wife wanted Coronation Street.


Blue’s my favourite colour, I see it every day, Except when it is duller And the sky is cloudy grey.