A Simple Life

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

What would I give for a simple life?
To take things easy and have no strife
To meet each day without a worry,
To go out shopping with loads of money,
To have no cares about surviving,
To buy in food without contriving,
To just go out and have no heed
To get the kids just what they need.
Go on a cruise and sail the sea
Or do the things that just please me.
To buy a car that is not dented,
My own T.V. that is not rented
To earn more money, than I can spend,
Too have enough to help a friend.
A banker’s letter that just said,
‘I’m in the black and not the red.’
To get nice things for my wife,
Oh! What would I give for this simple life?

But then I look at what I’ve got
And soon I find I’ve got a lot.
I’ve got a house with a roof that’s strong,
Where I feel safe and I belong.
I’ve got a job to keep me going
To pay the people, that I’m owing.
I breathe fresh-air, that’s always free,
I’ve got good friends and they like me.
I’ve got my dreams all filled with hope
I’ve got my kin to help me cope.
I love my wife, that’s more than most,
When I speak of her, I can only boast.
I’ve got my children, whom I adore,
Who could ask for anymore?
What are my needs without this love?
For that’s a gift from God above.
I am alive and not in need,
I should not moan or have such greed,
That’s the simple life I should lead.


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