Cows Eyes…..They looked Like.

His eyes bulged, He looked down at the pain. I pulled with all my being! Then lunged, and bayoneted him again. No word we spake. No utterance he cried. I stuck em once , I stuck em twice ….. And then he died...

25 Years Ago:The Class of 82

We valiant few Once again Have come to haunt you To rake your dreams And inflict the pain That we no longer feel For on this day All those years ago We died, while you still live.

Did You Happen To See

There’s another notice on the board today. Passing of an unsung hero, Just one more, insignificant man. No flowers,no tears, Just the passing of years, When men now younger than we, Had fought and died, for liberty. Though,we now older, and yet no less boldly....

We Salute You

Tis pen to paper time And glass to lips. Clouded memories And heart felt sighs. When time stops still again, The barriers of age Crumble, Tis the summer of 82 Everyman an Emperor! And before God On bended knee, Still our ranks...


I care not what you say I have no empathy with you. My thoughts prelude my dreams Reality is not what it seems. We all die, Some with honour Some before their time Some scream in agony.