Did You Happen To See

by | Oct 29, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

There’s another notice on the board today.
Passing of an unsung hero,
Just one more, insignificant man.
No flowers,no tears,
Just the passing of years,
When men now younger than we,
Had fought and died, for liberty.

Though,we now older, and yet no less boldly.
Stand man to man, shoulder to shoulder.
No longer the sounds.
Or the fall of the shot.
Just the sounds of the sods,
As they land on top.,
All the time, rain drizzles down

While back in this hole,
Much like we used to call a trench!
Though, he’ll not have share this one.
He has no arcs of fire, though much mutual support.
Come to that FUP, before the Final RV
But this time he’ll have full overhead.
For all, of eternity…………


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