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I am as I Asperger,
One mind, one man.
An alien
in an alien world.
I do as I ‘aut’ is my defined path.

I, the great ‘I’,
Alone, outside,
Looking at people
& never understanding
emotions – 412 faces –
I am blind.

I need silence
& to choose a sound,
But hear cacophony.
Silence is my friend
in a world stripped of sound.

I, the single, solitary ‘I’
never sees the obvious
& has no commonsense.
Decisions? Very slow
if at all.

Numbers wriggle twist
& never make sense.
My face is smooth –
girlfriends are mistaken
for my mother.

I look very young –
yes, 105 going on 5,
an age of reason
in a young child –
an expressionless face.

I am passive? I
who hides rages
deep inside the seas
of my thoughts.
Passions and instant actions.

Forever alien ‘I’
trapped in familiarity;
reaching out to understand
& seeing too much
& knowing nothing.


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