Newark Castle by the River Trent

Deeply reflective waters watched from behind bars of modern steel, set, strong and deep in old stone. Old, black pollution pocks and pits the window; classless as any dead thing, eyeless, yet beautifying. Fanciful escapes, you may say, a noble castle and a mobile...

Public Good

“Its all for the public good,” they all allege, “Read these, our words, watch and hear our pledge – Information for all our commuters,” These granite words pour from their computers. Sell more sheets of the public tabloid press, Lies, nonsense and rubbish with no...


Ma might but Da won’t! “Reconstituted tar!” “Arse gravy!” “Gearbox grease!” “Ships’ bottom anti-fouling!” Marmite, Marmite, my delight; Frightfully black and sharp; Laidback zinc, thickly salty, Blackly-inky,...


I Chrysanthemum in pink-sleeved petals, green leaves cushioning; framing.


Iambic Hexameters by pole, perch & rood we balanced and stood on the six foot line. Strongly stressed Iambic Pentameters start blankly from the page echoing through the hall of stress syllable meters.