Blair’s War

by | Feb 18, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Tony Blair, what did you do?
When you sent to war, our brave and true,
Did you think that this would help you win
The hearts of Englishmen and their kin,

Like Thatcher’s War, you did believe
A quick victory you, would soon conceive
But all you’ve done is cause us pain
When you sent us back to war again.

Could you not see this fight, we cannot win?
These foreigner’s hearts, are sick with sin,
They are much different from you and me
Why could you not; just let them be?

Life to them is impure and cheap
There’s no soul in them for a god to keep
When a life’s extinguished, they just smile
It’s just another body added to their pile.

A hornet’s nest you willingly stared
People warned you, but you never heard.
This war’s a war we’ll never win,
As they don’t want to be our friends or kin,

You thought that you could win their mind
But, of all us Englishmen, only you were blind.
All you could see, was your name in place
For future generations of the human race

But believe me when I tell you this,
When you die, you’ll taste Satan’s kiss
It will be he, who shall greet you
When on this earth your life is through.

Our mother’s now, they’re grieving so
For their sons and daughters, whom you made go,
Now many sons will not return
But for you, there is no sorrow or concern.

You sent them to a land that time forgot
A land that should be left to rot
But hey! Who cares? No longer you
As you and Cherrie earn a million or two.

Now it’s Brown; who has his day,
“I’ll keep them there.” I can here him say
But none are children from his seed
He’s like you; his thoughts are of self-greed.

A cry is now calling from this land
To end this war, which you planned
Bring back our boy’s, let the foreigner’s be
And leave the evil, in its own country.

For hundreds of years or more we tried
To get these people on our side
But they just don’t want us there
A fact in which, your kind don’t care.

Like many Politicians gone before
You sent our soldier’s off to war
If it was for England, I could understand
But why make us fight for this Godforsaken land.

So I ask Politicians, of every kind
Please, in you hearts, try to find
A way to bring our boys back home
And leave Satan’s people on their own.


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