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What is a finger?
There are eight of them I see,
Two sets of four on each hand
Like branches on a tree.

What is a finger?
We can even make them talk
And when we eat our dinner,
They hold our knife and fork.

What is a finger?
With joints of which there’s three,
We use them when we tickle
To fill us full of glee.

What is a finger?
What can a finger do?
It can; poke ‘n’ prod, scratch ‘n’ rub,
It’s something nice to chew.

What is a finger?
We see it everyday.
It helps us think, it makes us blink,
It helps the argument to sway.

What is a finger?
Sticking out so proud.
We hit it with a hammer.
It gets us noticed in a crowd.

What is a finger?
What is it all about?
If we stick it down the plug-hole,
We can never pull it out.

What is a finger?
Have you got one too?
If we trap it in the door
The air is turns quite blue.

What is a finger?
We assume that it’s just there,
But if you cut your fingers off
It makes your hands look bare.

What is a finger?
I really do not know.
We use it for to beckon,
We use it for to go.

What is a finger?
No one really knows,
You can stick it in your ear-‘ole
You can push it up your nose.

What is a finger?
What is it makes it tick?
When we’re drunk and plastered
It often makes us sick.

What is a finger?
You can even make it run,
When you’re constipated
You can stick it up your bum!

What is a finger?
The things we make them do
And when there’s disagreement
We often stick up two.


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