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What is a flag?
Some pieces of rag,
Some colours sewn all together;
An ensign; a place to gather.

What is a flag?
Rolled cloth in a bag,
A great ship’s battle ensign
Or only a printed sign?

What is a flag?
In honour’s brag
We stand and fight
In pride and might.

What is this flag?
Something for a witless wag;
Something that has been burned;
A cover for those returned.

Destroy my flag, what do you have?
Some ashes on the floor.
Destroy my person, what do you have?
More ashes on the floor.
Destroy my nation, what do you have?
Many ashes on the earth.

In all of this destruction,
Have you destroyed the flag within my heart?
Have you destroyed an idea?
Have you destroyed a belief?
Have you destroyed a faith?


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