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God, He does not want us to get down on our knees,
He just wants us, to say ‘thanks’ and now and then say ‘please’.
God is not a tyrant, in whom we all should live in fear,
God is kind, full of love and one who always is sincere.

Does it matter what we are, a Christian, Buddhist or a Jew?
God is one in whom you should believe, as He believes in you.
Everyone around the world thinks of God as their very own.
Believing their God is different and something only they can own.

But God is only different in the thoughts and minds of men,
Whether you live in Baghdad, Paris, Rome or Jerusalem,
For there must be only one creator, the one who made it all
Religions have many names for Him, from England to Nepal.

Yet, man uses God for evil, He’s the reason why we all fight wars,
We all kill one another, thinking God He backs our cause.
Catholic against the Protestant, Muslims fight the Jew,
Christians oppose the heathens and Buddhists resist Hindu.

We all do battle against each other, thinking only we are right,
But there must be only one great God, who made both day and night.
This God He is the Father, a man and The Creator,
Yet, we also say that all things done are made by a woman called Mother Nature?


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