Grammatical Exercise using ‘here’ and ‘now’

by | Jul 24, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Where is here? Here, here is here.
Here, as a wraith of shadow, here
And here, over here. There? No, here.

Here is now? Not now, but now – now.
Also, henceforth now, therefore now,
Now thence, and therefore, whence now.

Here and now is terminal life,
Death but an aged blink away;
If I die – where? Here and now.

Man; mad, mad man of Life’s music,
Deafened by the ‘Junk-box’ sound
And highly ‘preysed’ by his critics.

Here and now is juvenile death,
Life but an infant blink away;
If I live – where? Now and here.

Now is here? Not here! Here, this here;
Here then, and here-to-fore … when? Here;
Also, hereforth, therefore, here.

Where is now? Now, now is now.
Now as a sandy timer. Now
And now. And all now. There? No: now.


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