Green’s Biscuit Packaging

by | Jul 24, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

“One pre-packed biscuit: MONSTER shaped “NESS” –
Sterile, odourless, crumbless and tasteless.
GUARANTEED; and Absolutely Crushproof;
And Absolutely guaranTEED (!!) GERMPROOF.
Handily packed – one to a box, only:
“NESS” – Monster Biscuit Value, REALLY.

For purposes of storage, stack six by;
Presuming your store is six metres high.
Use no hooks, as these may be damaging
To your Vacuum-packed Biscuit Packaging.
Your box may be stored indefinitely:
Biscuit must be eaten immediately
After it is removed from the vacuum…
(Fanfare for ‘Crumbhorn’): GREEN’S CALORIE DOOM!”


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