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Drifting up and far away
Upon a soft caressing hand,
Or is it I, in gentle sway,
That lifts me from this land.

I look below, I see myself
Gazing out but not within
There, gathered around my earthly wealth,
Are my friends and all my kin!

Adrift I flout, up high above,
The Earth it now recedes.
I fly on air, just like a dove
And gone are all my needs.

The hand that holds me, no firmer place,
I believe somehow to be,
But when I look upon the face,
It is I that’s holding me.

The hand that hold me in its keep,
Is fast but also slow.
I take the road to endless sleep,
Return? The answers, “No!”

Into the light, that is so bright
And peace I do descend,
Eternal life, it waits for me
And greets me as a friend.

Now Heavens gates, they open up,
A new domain I go unto.
In Gods great house, I drink from His cup,
My life on Earth is through.

I close my eyes, my final sleep,
With angels standing near,
Then God He wipes the tears I weep
And tells me not to fear.

For now I know I’m in Gods hands,
Albeit, they’re also mine,
For God and I are now as one,
Until the end of time.


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