Human Rights

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My Rights, my Rights, my Rights!
“Stuff your rights” – “Go to hell” –
“I’m all right, Jack.”
4 and 20 lawyers all baked in pi
R squared arguments and a pastry bell
That fails to ring – no sound, no death knell.

Eager cacophony of media rights –
“It’s all in the public interest” –
Sell papers, sell more papers.
Truth? Who cares about truth?
Stir the faceless public –
Buy our news, buy our ‘truth’.

Everyone’s got rights so sod you
Because I’m OK and I don’t care
About you or you or you or You!
“I’m all right, Jack.”


Know this and step down into chaos,
We all have rights –
Political word merchants
Selling lies and dreams –
Next election only as far as we see,
“Let’s enact an Act and give all rights.”
Rush it through, no thought to consequence.
Give them rights!
Education? They know it all – vote for us!

Got 9 ‘A’ Levels, can’t read or write,
School must get cash, boost the pass rate.
I can’t get a job, its my right to work.
A degree in Serbo-Croat literature
And now you want £100k a year –
Instant education: one politic statistician.
So many passes – so many pounds –
So many in remedial rounds.

We’ve got rights: free education and health,
As long as you accept the ‘NICE’ world
And the pre-packaged sound-bite,
Political-speak for ’How much can you afford?’
Insurances and pensions and wealth
All thrown into the furnace of that accord.

We’ve got rights: to all our beliefs,
Bring back the Druids and virgin sacrifice,
Bring back the sun god and rip living hearts,
Bring back the pyramids and let each build their own.

We’ve got rights: to bring another disabled
Child into the world, ‘It’s my right to bear a child.’
And pass your disability onto one unborn?
HSE and Nanny State where are you?
Must we wait until we are all disabled?

We’ve got rights: I’ll wear what I want –
Lady fire fighters wearing burkahs?
Self-immolation may occur
But the HSE…
Ahh, now that’s another right.


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