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Last night I dreamed a beautiful dream
That I went f or a walk with God,
We strolled along a bright sunbeam
Eating chips and battered cod.

He told me that He loved me,
And said, ‘He knew I loved Him too.’
He showed me things I wanted to see
Like how He ‘made the sky so blue.’

I asked Him, “how mankind was doing?”
But He didn’t answer me,
He wasn’t very happy
And that was plain to see.

He told me, ‘to be careful,
Along the path of life,’
He said, “don’t be resentful,”
And to, ‘take care of my wife.’

I asked Him, ‘How was Jesus?’
He said, “He will be fine
But his wounds have not yet healed,
Even after all this time.”

As we walked along the leafy lane,
I tired, so He carried me,
We then sat down, within the shade,
Of a beautiful old oak tree!

I held His hand so tightly
As He cuddled up to me,
His heart was love and comfort,
So I asked to, ‘stay for eternity?’

But He replied that, ‘I must go
To carry on with my life,’
And as I woke, from my dream
I snuggled up closely to my wife.

I told her that, ‘I loved her,’
She said, ‘she loved me too.’
I then felt a glow, deep inside
And I knew that my dream was true.


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