It’s a Mans World

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

I am a man, I really am
But I’m always getting into trouble,
My wife she tells me what to do
And I have to do it at the double.

She tells me when it’s time to speak
And when too listen in.
She tells me, “no more alcohol”
Then orders her self another gin!

She tells me when to mow the lawn
And when to sow the seeds,
When to wash the windows
And look after all her needs.

She tells me that I must be nice,
To her friends and family,
But when we are with them
All she does is pick on me.

She tells me when to get out of bed,
And wakes me in the night
Just because she cannot sleep,
As the dark has given her a fright,

But I am a man. I really am,
My will, it is still free,
I can do just what I want to do,
As long as my wife she does agree.


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