Just passing through

by | Feb 27, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

They’re diggin’ a hole for me down in the ground,
Under that tree, just where I was found,
They’re diggin’ it deep, so deep you can’t see,
Down to the bottom; where they will lay me,

They’re making a box, not so far away,
With hammer and nail, but no lining in-lay.
“Who was he?” They say. “Was he someone we knew?”
“Or was he a nobody just passing through?”

I can’t quite remember, just how I died,
I know it was winter, as it was so cold outside.
I remember just sitting, under that tree,
Thinking of home and where I should be.

I think the cold got me, as I’m froze to the bone,
Did I die of the frost, all on my own?
Whatever the way, it’s now said and done,
My life is extinguished, my last breath has gone.

They’re puttin’ me in, the box that they made,
In which I must now lay, cold in my grave.
I can’t see the nameplate but I know that it’s me,
The lid is now on, it’s so dark, I can’t see.

I’m now in a panic, but my heart does not race,
I can no longer feel or see my own face.
I just want to sleep, but my mind has not died,
It’s as if it’s a dream and I’m still alive.

They’re lowering me down, in the hole that’s so deep,
Sweet Jesus where are you? My soul you promised to keep!
Please don’t abandon me, in my hour of need,
I wasn’t a bad man, ‘though some rules I did not heed.

I’m now in my grave, but no singing I hear,
There is no one that knows me to shed a last tear.
Thump! As the earth, it lands on the lid,
The box with me in it will soon be hid.

As I now lay here, in the dark all alone,
I think of my family, back at my home.
Will I be remembered by the loved ones I knew?
Or will I be forgotten, as I was just passing through?


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