Mad Dogs and Englishmen

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

An Englishman took his dog for a walk,
Then strangely the dog he began to talk.
“Good-day,” the dog was heard to say
As they passed a cat upon their way.

“Good-day to you,” replied the cat,
“Are you talking to me?” interrupted the rat.
“Indeed I’m not the cat did respond,
“Then you must mean me?” Came a voice from the pond.

As the Englishman, he looked around,
He heard a voice from down on the ground.
“Excuse me,” in panic, shouted the mouse,
“You’re about to stand, upon my house,”

“Mind mine too,” the ant did repeat,
As the Englishman tried to lift up his feet:
At all this the man could not conceive
Talking animals to him was hard to believe.

“What are you doing?” He said to his dog,
As it discussed the weather with a frog,
“He’s Just being friendly,” a voice did reply,
From a bird that was flying up in the sky:

Now, to hear the animals and their talk
As they were out Just for a walk,
Made the Englishman feel quite queasy
Hearing the animals talk, it was not easy.

The final straw it appeared to be,
When the dog was greeted by a tree.
The Englishman, backwards he started to run,
After all, it was mid-day, and he was out in the sun.

The Englishman then began to scream,
His master like this, the dog had not seen
And when from his mouth his master did froth
The dog said. “You’re mad!” And then he ran off:

“Is he always so strange?” Enquired the fly,
“No,” said the dog, “and I don’t know why,
Seeing my master like this is quite sad,
It’s supposed to be me that is stark raving mad.”


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