Most Attacks Were at Night

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Tracer danced across the skies
Red, green, and white
Arcing, dipping, bouncing back up into the night.
Schumulie’s whizzed and 2 incher’s plopped.
Star shells screamed to make you stop.
Flames in the gorse,
With smoke in your throat
Your feet splash through puddles
As you try to keep in line.
Hoping to find some cover.
there was no chance of finding sanity.

Confusion and shouting
Head for the voice
Don’t bunch up, though often no choice.
Questions! Questions ! Questions !
Do you know where we are?
Do you have any link?
Where’s the fire support?
How soon till dawn?
Most attacks were at night.


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