Poppy Appeal 04: Duty of Care

by | Nov 20, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

The Duty of Care,
Mister Blair:
The Social Contract
Between the United Kingdom
And those who fight
For Queen and Country.
What price care?
Mr Blair.

Now you’ve destroyed
The support services
And military hospitals:
What price Duty of Care?
Mister Blair.

Join the queue
And wait in line
With those who did not volunteer,
Wait with the cowards
And the layabouts,
Wait with those who
Despise the fighter –
Our minds go unrepaired
And injuries are untended.
Cut back on Forces spending
But you still want us –
To fight and die for you.
What price Duty of Care?
Mister Blair?

Mister Blair in uniform:
No flak jacket, no body armour,
A gun but no ammunition.
Welcome to Blair’s Army
And please get shot,
Then you too can enjoy
Your Duty of Care,
Mister Blair.


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