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Can man share man with man?
The Bible says, ‘No greater love…’
For man, man can have. Can man have?
Love God, love your neighbour;
Love man, God and Man, kinds of man.
I question myself and other men.
Do I love? Do you love?
Can I love? Can you love?
Give love – I? Sham-man this.
Do I lack the ability to believe
Or, merely, the willingness to do so?
I compete, and then by competing
I question, and then by questioning
And by competing, so to win?
Really is it that I need to be right,
But, by not seeming to win or lose.
Thus, I question: did God create Man?
Or did man create God to justify man?
Likewise, did God create man to justify God?
Or, man created God to create man?
And I question self and reason:
Is self of man or of mind, or of part?
But then, is not mind and self one
And thought and reason part of one self.
Is it not reasonable to think,
Or thinkable to reason,
Or are they not the same?
Reason by practise and thought by birth.
So then is it reasonably thinkable,
For self-same reason of mind,
To be one-self thought of kind?
Likely many thought reasonable.
Then, I say, since self is one;
Who created whom: God or one?
Thus, reasonably, one thought
I am here – but how and why?


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