Shop With Intercide

by | Jun 4, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Intercide says it for you!
We have Seasonal Products
for all “UN”-Seasonal Pests!
Racial Problems? Pigs in your Bay?
Gotta race on your LAND?
Try our handy genocide pack,
a selection of SIX plagues,
at Off-Peak, Reduction Prices!
Gotta Primary Problem?
Weevils in your local woodpile?
Try our nippy Defoliant Spray:
New! Improved! NAPALM A3 –
with the Extra Bright Light!
For this Year only, WE are giving away –
Yes! Truly, Folks! Giving AWAY!
One can of Fine Old Spite
(Fine Old Mustard Gas, Vintage 1923),
with each order of NAPALM A3.
So pop along to your nearest stockist
at the Sign of THE RISING CLOUD:
For Complete Reliability –
You can rely on “US!”


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