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Temper raging far within
Like a burning tempest fire.
A diamond scratched upon the glass,
A rabbit snared in wire.

It bubbles up from far below
Like a boiling cauldron pot
By the time it reaches to the head,
The cause is near forgot’.

But still the temper rages on,
In a twisting, turning mind,
No matter what it said or done,
All reasons left behind.

Into the mouth the temper runs,
Onto the tip of tongue,
You try to stop it rushing out
But through the teeth it comes.

Then from the lips, this tempered fire,
Spills forth upon the world
And all the fury held within,
Bursts out! And is unfurled.

Into the air the tempers fired,
The victim soon to get
But all that you; with temper has
Is the feeling of regret?


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